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Heroes of Might and Magic V 1.2 to 1.3 patch

Patch Írta Anonymus 2010-12-03 08:47-kor, frissítve 2012-07-03 17:09-kor, megtekintve 3657 alkalommal
A Heroes V következő javitása szintén pár új funciót és sok más hibajavítást tartalmaz.

A patch tartalma:

Features added:

  • Map editor (you can find a shortcut to editor manual in start menu or you can find the manual directly in the "Heroes of Might and Magic V\Editor Documentation folder").
    • Duel:
    • new 3 x 3 heroes duel format
    • random heroes selection for duel
    • hero and army information interface
  • New Mission Results menu
  • Hotkey 'ALT' to highlight all interactive objects (resources, monsters, buildings, etc.) at the adventure map
  • Hotkey 'CTRL' + '1,2,3...' to enter in castles
    • Four new multiplayer maps:
    • “The School”
    • “Allies”
    • “Wind Rose”
    • “No Man's Land” 

Bugs repaired and alternations made:

  • Crashes and stability:
    • the game no longer crashes when saved if there is not enough space on the HDD
    • several bugs in the Ghost Mode repaired that made the game “freeze”
  • Maps:
    • “The Land of Outcasts” map no longer has buildings that can’t be entered
    • The “Rise to Power” map no longer has creatures that can’t be interacted with.

Corrected mistakes in the game mechanics:

  • the Ghost can no longer see the number of creatures in the stack on the map if one of the player’s heroes’ Scouting is developed
  • all the creatures can use their special abilities when affected by the Puppet Master spell
  • the peasants’ Taxpayer ability works correctly when they are divided into stacks
  • mistake corrected that, under certain conditions, allowed mini artifacts assembled for half price to be sold for full price
  • the boat summon function of the Vessel of Shalassa spell now works correctly at bridges and certain shores
  • the Remote Control perk corrected 
  • the Elementals now can appear in the Favored Enemy list
  • the hero using the Angel’s Wings artifact can now be stopped by a mouse click
  • when a hero goes through a portal or a whirlpool his path refreshes now  
  • AI player collects artifacts properly now  

Changes of balance:

  • damage inflicted by the Meteor Shower spell at Advanced and Expert levels decreased
  • the Puppet Master spell now does not fall off when the hypnotized creature suffers damage; but each caster can have only one active Puppet Master
  • the Fire Trap spell now sets mines in random locations not throughout the whole field but within a 5x5 tiles area selected by the player; in this area, the mines’ locations are still random
  • more damage is now absorbed by the Arcane Armor spell
  • the Phantom Forces spell now allows creating only one phantom for each group of creatures; the phantom has no activated abilities, and it has the same number of ammo as the original stack
  • the Summon Creatures spell now spends 75% of the hero’s movement points (if the hero is short of movement points, the spell will be unavailable till the next turn)
  • each use of the Raise Dead spell now makes a 20% decrease of the target unit’s maximal HP till the end of the combat
  • each use of the Resurrection spell now makes a 10% decrease of the target unit’s maximal HP till the end of the combat
  • the Master of Wrath perk now also affects the Word of Light, giving it +4 effective spellpower 
  • the Master of Pain perk now also affects the Curse of the Netherworld, giving it +4 effective spellpower 
  • the Ghosts/Spectres characteristics have been changed: these creatures now have more HP but inflict less damage
  • the Cavalry Commander specialization now gives Jousting bonus not for each walked tile but for the final result dramatically decreasing the full damage
  • the Iron Maden specialization: the Fireball spellpower now becomes 0+1 greater for each 5th level, not 1+1 for each 4th level
  • the Swift Striker specialization: the ATB now shifts for 0.5% only for each level
  • the Reanimator specialization: the Animate Dead spellpower now becomes +1 greater for each 5th level only
  • the Poison Master specialization now works correctly
  • Eruina duel presset: The army was weaken a little 
  • Lethos duel presset: Artifact "Four leaf clover" changed to “Tunic of the Carved Flesh”. 
  • the building costs in the towns have been balanced
  • the mana cost of 3rd, 4th and 5th circles’ spells have increased 
  • skill "War Mashines" adds hit points to war machines now. 
  • catapult has unlimited ammunition now
  • Warlock, Wizard and Necromant have one starting spell now. 

Camera, graphics, interfaces

  • the spells effects in combat are now accelerated together with the animations
  • when a hero moves, the camera now follows him or her instead of remaining static
  • the Knight does no longer disappear from the arena when using Retaliation against the Obsidian Gargoyles
  • in the Haven town, part of the building’s texture does not disappear when a Town Hall or City Hall is being erected
  • when switching to the Ghost Mode, the camera now focuses on the ghost
  • the combat at the bridges now always takes part in a corresponding arena
  • after defeating an enemy hero, the corresponding information of the gained trophies now appears
  • some tooltips in the Duel Lobby interface have been corrected
  • in the Duel interface, the heroes’ icons no longer block the information of their levels
  • in the combat log, the text for the First Aid Tent has been corrected
  • the text of several messages in the Ghost Mode has been corrected
  • in a town without a visiting hero, the creatures’ expanded tooltips can now be viewed
  • in combat, the walls and gates now have tooltips with their remaining HP
  • information about another player in hot-seat turn passing is hidden now
  • it is impossible to dismiss the creatures of allied hero now 
  • switching heroes in tavern and in the info screen now works correctly. 
  • allies now can see the parts of the map opened by seer’s hut or observatory 
  • additional corrections have been made in various texts 

    …and some more.

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