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  • King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame 1.108 patch

King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame 1.108 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2012-07-15 09:54-kor, frissítve 2012-07-13 23:49-kor, megtekintve 3605 alkalommal
A King Arthur II: The Role-playing Game néven is emlegetett magyar fejlesztésű szerepjáték nyolcadik frissítése. Szükséges hozzá az összes korábbi verzió, ezért azokat is mellékeltük.

A javítócsomag leírása:


  • Fixed an issue of unit levels at Military Training
  • Quests don’t spawn on armies anymore
  • Fixed display bug at the final Objectives
  • Fixed Minimap issue of Victory Locations in certain battles
  • Sir Lancelot's Grail Shard fixed
  • Retroactively fixed an issue with earlier saves being stuck regarding late-game Objectives
  • Fixed issue of forged set items (recipe)
  • “Beast Master” skill fixed
  • “Respected” trait fixed
  • Fixed recipes lacking components – missing components added to the Campaign
  • Fixed path finding on the Campaign map – clearly seen if a location is reachable on ground or Teleport required
  • Hero requirement at battle quests fixed
  • Fixed the tooltip of Spellpower at the Military panel
  • “Beastmaster” trait boosts the Lair locations in the province of the liege lord from now on
  • Several issues fixed at the Spanish, French, Russian and German localized versions
  • Other minor bug and balancing fixes


  • New button on the Hero Inventory panel (usable on an Artifact Store location) – moves all unequipped Artifacts to the Store
  • Beast Master skill fixed
  • The settings of the Minimap icons always saved (at returning from battle, starting a new game or loading a saved game from the Main Menu)
  • Enemy armies no longer block the route towards the target (some part of the route is marked by red colour, indicating that a battle have to be fought)
  • End Turn button popup properly tells if a Delegate quest is waiting to be solved
  • Resurrection spell popup fixed
  • Tier 2 Elmet Legionaries receive the Fomori Slayer skill properly
  • Knights of the Light units receive an upgradable skill (Golden Basilica locations)
  • Armies defending a passage cannot be lured away anymore
  • “University” (London) diplomacy action fixed
  • Woodlander skill of Wolfbreeds fixed
  • Units cannot move to an army from faraway Army Reserves anymore
  • Marriage for female heroes is not available anymore
  • Items received and lost in the same quest no longer appear among quest rewards
  • Faith requirement at Unseelie Champions training fixed
  • Spell cooldown never drops below 10% of the original number
  • Popup of item type filter buttons in Artifact Store improved (info about possible modifiers at forging)
  • Unit icons during Tutorial fixed
  • Time limit requirement always appears properly in the popup of the quest
  • Traits modifying Lore points (from locations) fixed
  • Solving late game quests in “wrong” order issue fixed
  • Passive skill bonuses appear properly in the statistics
  • Lost level up bonuses of hero retinue on new Tier fixed
  • Battle alert sounds (gate destroyed) fixed
  • Sub-objective text in Call to Arms Objective fixed (15 units available, including own units and heroes)
  • Non-16:9 resolution notification windows fixed
  • “Careful Tactician” promotion fixed
  • First sub-objective of the "Nimue" Objective fixed
  • Grendel's Lair teleport location fixed


  • Corrosive Bile skill fixed
  • Popup does not appear when Leadership drops below the total requirement (the excess units are grey and do not fight in battles)
  • Extreme Morality bonuses (over 20) fixed
  • "Upload" expression changed
  • Opposing traits of the Ladies fixed
  • Retreating from the Guardian of a Nether Gate fixed
  • The Tomb of the Emperor Objective bug fixed (if the Western gate solved as last in “The Immortals” Objective)
  • Fixed bugs at closing Nether Gates
  • Stronghold locations bug fixed
  • AI units cannot learn morality skills of the player anymore
  • Lair type location modifiers fixed
  • The popup of combat stats (Damage, HP, etc.) lists the bonuses from Promotions and Morality separately
  • The popup of Fiefdoms (on the Fiefdom List and the Hero screen) lists the type of the Locations in the province
  • The popup of Locations on the Location List provides the description of the Location
  • Clicking a Fiefdom icon moves the camera to the chosen province
  • Sir Galahad never gets killed by any raiding Fomorian army anymore (Saved games having such situation are retroactively fixed by spawning another Sir Galahad army and restarting the Grail Knight Objective.)
  • Tear in the Veil bug fixed (grants Leadership discount to all special units)
  • Teleports and some other special locations appear on the Minimap
  • Buttons for activating/deactivating icons on the Minimap are available (above the Minimap)
  • Adventures of Sir Balan Objective fixed (Army of King Alwick bug)
  • Right-clicking on one of the Main Hero icons at the top of the Campaign Map GUI selects the army without moving the camera. Left-clicking remains unchanged.
  • “Army changing trick” at the Artifact Store fixed
  • Buying Artifacts at Traders is available without hero(es) at the location. Such Artifacts arrive to the Artifact Store.


  • Knights of the Lights Leadership cost fixed
  • Summerborn and Winterbreed units recruitment cost and skills fixed
  • Damage boosting skills fixed (e.g. Voice of the Shadows – properly boosts shadow damage)
  • Experience points balancing
  • Red Knight battle nerfed
  • Huge Demon shooting defense buffed
  • Wounds of the Land Objective fixed
  • Heroes of Eboracum battle buffed
  • Morgawse, Dal Riata and Pictland ruler naming fixed
  • Buildings increasing HP and Damage fixed
  • Slider not showing up when selecting units from three armies fixed
  • Artifact giving the same bonus twice works properly
  • Defeating Fomorian armies gives reputation properly to the appropriate Rulers
  • Research items bug fixed
  • Some trait bugs fixed
  • Units that have no skills to choose at levelling does not display the golden wreath anymore.
  • Experienced retainers skill fixed
  • Drag and drop from Artifact Forge slots fixed
  • Castle location provides Leadership even if the liege lord is a secondary hero
  • Equipped two-handed weapon visually denies the other weapon slot
  • Location slot issue fixed
  • Arm bonuses from Locations fixed
  • Multiple battle warnings issue fixed
  • Diplomacy warnings at dead rulers fixed
  • Flashing unit circles in battles (at selecting direction) fixed
  • Accumulated units at selecting direction fixed
  • Leadership issues fixed
  • Magic Shield boosting at AI armies and Shield boosting spells for AI heroes added
  • Mana of the AI heroes on high levels buffed
  • 1280*1024 resolution GUI problems fixed
  • Missing pictures for forged artifacts added


  • Champions of Balor Objective fixed (the location is destroyed at certain options)
  • Harbingers of Sickness Event fixed (the player looses the location)
  • Artifact battle rewards (4 or more) fixed
  • hero skill levelling animation fixed
  • Living Statue Tier level fixed
  • Diplomacy notify window fixed (selects the ruler of the available diplomacy action)
  • unit selection does not change after selecting spell target on the GUI
  • Philbius’s Flamewall fixed
  • Northward Bound quest fixed (Morgana is required)
  • Sidhe Council “alliance” political action fixed
  • Crystal Shards spell levelling fixed
  • Chain lightning spell (at heroes and Victory Locations) became stronger
  • Other minor bug and balancing fixes


  • Added infantry ability to follow and guard archers automatically
  • Balanced Dal Riata battle
  • Fixed missing model for Tier 4 “Pict warriors”
  • Fixed flag loading error occurring when loading saved games
  • Fixed missing pictures for some units
  • Reaching the “Tomb of the Emperor” without acquiring Morgana is no longer possible
  • Various scenario fixes
  • Various quest fixes
  • Other minor bug and balancing fixes


  • Fixed crashing battles (Pict armies and Fomorian raiding armies)
  • Adventure and diplomatic quest fixes
  • Modified skills (Chain lightning, Summon skills, Power of Sacrifice)
  • Fixed experience level display and reduced experience required for higher levels
  • Fixed some artifact drag and drop issues in heroes’ inventory and Artifact Forge inventory
  • Modified Leadership bonuses of artifacts
  • Increased Leadership value (Warlord class - level up choice)
  • Fixed missing unit images and artifact icons
  • Beast Lairs allow two units to be recruited per Lair
  • Some of the Morality Lairs allow two units to be recruited
  • Lair creatures acquired in quests no longer limit maximum availability
  • Fixed ruler naming
  • Kingdom of Alba: army behavior fixed
  • Added automatic replenishment for Morgana’s core units while questing in the Northern territories
  • Fixed experience levels for Sir Galahad’s army
  • Fixed hero skill trees (Philbius, Numerius Andronicus)
  • Player’s units will be at full strength if battle occurs while replenishing losses
  • Removed empty Ring of Gorlois recipe from the Encyclopedia (became an acquirable set item)
  • Other minor bug and balancing fixes


  • Fixed issue with armies spawning on top of each other with no deployment
  • Fixed stone circle teleporting, both in main and prologue campaign
  • Fixed loops, incorrect texts and other bugs in quests
  • Fixed issues with diplomatic actions
  • Changed spell penetration level for several spells (e.g. Meteor Strike, Enchanted fog)
  • Decreased effectiveness of Resurrection spell to reasonable level
  • Decreased combat stats of Changeling/Sidhe units to reasonable levels
  • Fixed emergence order of Shard abilities
  • Fixed difficulty level issues in regard the Mad Emperor’s army
  • Casting unit abilities applies to all units selected
  • Improved general game performance, added option to disable multi GPU optimization
  • Other minor bug and balancing fixes
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