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Might & Magic Heroes VI 2.1 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2013-05-11 19:13-kor, frissítve 2013-05-27 20:00-kor, megtekintve 8362 alkalommal
Megjelent a Heroes 6 eddigi legnagyobb javítócsomagja, ezzel a játék átlépte a 2.0-s verziószámot. Fontos frissítés rengeteg hibajavítással.

A patch tartalma:

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for the Nvidia crash when entering Town Screen.
  • Abilities:
    • Ahribban's ability "Ill Blood" can be cast on undead units, even if they are stated to be immune to any form mind control effects.
    • The "Death is Not the End" ability will cause opposing units to receive the "Cleave" effect more then once per combat.
    • The "Immolation" skill awarded by the "Succubus Master" deals less damage then stated in the description.
    • The "Renew", "Renew, Mass" and "Healing Waves" spells will heal the same unit twice during the same turn if it should receive good morale.
    • The Griffin will lose its good morale for the turn if the creature uses its "Diving Assault" ability when receiving the bonus.
    • The Imperial Griffin creature can use its special ability while frozen.
    • When the AI controls the Dream Walker, it does not use it's "Sky and Earth" ability.
    • Improperly created entry in the extended event log for when the Blazing Glory uses the "Searing Light" ability.
    • The "Martyr" skill will create an invalid entry in the extended event log.
    • Pit Lords that use the "Boundless Hate" ability against Cerberus units will not gain the "Eye of Gluttony" effect.
    • The Breeder Mother's "Mana Leech" ability will not create an entry in the extended event log.
    • The damage to structures will not be shown in the tooltip of the Ravager's "Unstoppable Charge" ability.
    • The Lacerator's ability "Exploding Spikes" deals 100% damage even if the description states it deals 25% of normal damage.
    • The Lilim's "Enthrall" ability will not cause an entry in the combat log when used.
    • The "Inner Fire" ability does not fully describe what it does when selecting the unit on which the ability will be casted upon.
    • The Breath of Vermin ability's tooltip does not contain the full description.
    • The number of turns in which the "Doom" skill will take effect is not displayed on the tooltip for each unit when the spell is cast.
    • The user is able to cast the "Necromancy" skill on large, dead creatures that have a small unit placed on top of them.
    • The Pearl Priestess' "Waves of Renewal" skill will heal for less then the value stated on the unit being affected by the effect.
    • The damage caused by the Dreamweaver's "Sky and Earth" spell does not appear on the skill's tooltip.
    • The damage of the "Goblin Traps" skill is much higher then stated in the description
  • Campaign:
    • Time Stasis spell can be casted on Mother Breeder but without having any effect (only visual).
    • The growth rate for the stack of Elementals guarding the "Mask of the False Face" is to low.
    • Wrong texture for creatures in duel when fighting the unit guarding the first Elemental Conflux
    • The abilities of a dynasty weapon equipped by a secondary hero at the transition between maps remain in the hero's spellbook after the weapon has been changed.
    • The achievement "Out of the Life of Fire" is unlocked even if Cate's breath hits multiple targets
    • Anton has his head detached from the body during the cutscene "The Duke's Justice" when the hero is converted to Magic Affinity.
    • The game gets stuck in the "Dynasty Traits" selection window if the user presses Quick-load hotkey immediately after confirming a Defeat message.
    • The game enters an unresponsive state when the user defeats Tor-Berith for the first time, outside the designated area.
    • Status shifting pointer during the last fight on the map, between Azkaal and Xana
    • The gates near Castlecross are opening even if the hero is defeated by Cordelia
    • The Librarian's banner is placed too low
    • When the adventure map is fully zoomed in, VFX are missing from Sarah's hair from her hero card and background story window
    • For one of the secondary heroes, Airini, the movement on the map is not visible
    • Misleading information about the rewards for the two secondary quests ("Time for New Ways" and "Might Makes Right") when a reputation upgrade has been made before completing the quest "Tera Firma"
    • After quit to desktop and loading the first autosave on the map, the quests tab is greyed out
    • The "Sword of the Wolf " dynasty weapon can be equipped in Offline mode
    • In the The King of the Savage Sea cinematic, Crag Hack is moving in frames
  • Menu:
    • A corrupted texture appears on the main menu's background image after changing resolutions.
    • The user can load a save game made on a deleted custom map
    • A menu with no functionality will be displayed to the host in the lobby.
    • The user can delete his last hero after he accepts an invite into a Multiplayer lobby
    • The user can quit to Desktop after he accepts an invite into a Multiplayer session
    • The map description can be modified when entering the game for the first time.
    • "Respecialize" will not reset the spells tooltips to their initial value if those spells were imbued prior to Respecialize.
    • Overlapping text for the numbers exceeding 8 digits, in the End Game Statistics.
    • Host cannot send game invites to clients that disconnected in the lobby.
    • Improperly HUD in combat after a defeated player end his game.
    • The movement path created from a medium to another (from land to water or vice versa) does not take into account the change of medium
  • Multiplayer:
    • Host cannot send game invites to clients that disconnected in the lobby.
    • Hosts cannot ban clients from joining their games.
    • The multiplayer session can't be continued if the host loses his connection during a battle between two clients
    • The session remains stuck if the user which has been defeated doesn't presses OK on the Defeat window, and the victorious user attacks the other hero inside town walls
    • After a Sanctuary player uses the level 4 racial ability and attacks an enemy unit, the enemy unit's tooltips will show a high number of dead creatures.
    • The "Crematorium" building doesn't work properly.
    • After losing connection as a host during the Hero Reputation Upgrade cinematic or Castle Convert cinematic, on the next map the host will remain stuck on the map
    • If the host loses his connection in a Multiplayer lobby and then regains it before time-out, no client will be able to join the server afterwards
    • The game skips AI's turn if the Client exists the game on his turn on the first day
    • Empty drop-list, when the server switch between Attacker and Defender option within Duel Mode
    • [Duel] Griffin's first phase of his ability doesn't work properly when the creature receives damage before he starts flying
    • The user receives two achievements when he enters for the first time in a multiplayer duel session.
    • Host is unable to start the session if the client experiences a short internet connection loss while joining the game.
    • In a two team mode multiplayer session the defenders' ally can see the attackers' HUD and use it.
    • [The Fortunes of Captain Hack] Missing collision box for a mountain placed near the 3-rd slot default castle
    • In the multiplayer sessions lobby, the user can't switch from the top level to the underground level on the minimaps.
    • Title displays two pop-up messages when terminating the connection and attempting to invite a friend to your game.
    • A saved game is key sensitive although the account name isn't
    • ALT key pause-freezes the game while in window mode but the in-game time is still running on the multiplayer setting windows
    • The session remains stuck in a Multiplayer Standard session, on Ai's turn, if the host presses right click on the town during the client turn and then the client leaves the session
  • Crashes:
    • Numerous instances of random crashes have been fixed.
    • The game crashes if the Shaman ambush army spawns while the user is in another encounter window.
    • The game crashes for the client when the host loads a different saved game while the client is attempting to join the game.
    • The game crashed in a hotseat session with four human players after a long period of gameplay.
    • The game crashes on the AI's turn after loading a previously saved session and pass the turn
    • The game crashes after the disconnect message(return to menu) is confirmed during the AI's turn
    • All created heroes are unavailable for selection during automatchmaking after exiting a multiplayer session in 3 or more players
  • Gameplay:
    • The bag slots do not auto-arrange when an artifact is placed inside the inventory.
    • Unit stacks that are resurrected gain buffs that last for a specified number of rounds of combat even if that number of rounds has passed.
    • The user will remain stuck on the townscreen interface if he quickly enters and exits the town.
    • The gated stacks do not disappear if are killed by the Lilim's retaliation or Mizu-Kami's retaliation.
    • Corrupted representation of a Fort Screen is revealed in the bottom left corner of a map if the user loads a game saved after opening a Fort Screen.
    • Inferno mage female hero is holding a staff and a sword during the reputation upgrade cutscene
    • The gold income tooltip does not include the bonus from the Tears of Asha building
    • The game crashes when the user performs a save\load while the Statue of Revelation unique building function is selected and uses it in the newly loaded game
    • The friendly flyer creature that exits the central tower and lands near the Siege gate will have broken functionality.
    • On a time limited combat, after the time runs out and you didn`t start the combat, the creatures are rearranged and there is no animation for the creature placed in advance in the central tower
    • An area on the map can be accessed without defeating the stack defending it
    • The "Doom" skill takes too long before it kills the enemy stack
    • Inconsistency between the tooltip for the ability "Rush!" and the effect
    • The "Pathfinding" ability does not reduce penalty on rough terrain.
    • The "Terror" spell can't be used on stacks that have the buff " Burning Determination " or " Burning Determination,Mass "
    • The user can't see his Passive or other spells in the turn in which he used a spell.
    • A stack affected by Puppet Master spell that is placed inside the Tower will suffer range penalties when attacking inside the fortification.
    • The "Abyss Gate" ability does not function properly.
    • If the Kappa gains one extra attack, Leap ability is not grayed out.
    • If the Sacred Kirin gains one extra attack, Hailstorm Aura ability is not grayed out.
  • Misc:
    • The portraits that can be redeemed from Uplay are also present in the Altar of Wishes.
    • [Wasting Grounds does not award the bonus stated in its description
    • The ''Impressive General I'', ''Impressive General II'' and ''Unstoppable General'' achievements are reset after completion
    • Incorrect appearance of the Chat widget when closing a channel window.
    • The Arachne's abilities do not appear in the Spell Book after performing a save/load action.
    • The Player Profile displayed is the one of the user, if selecting the Compare Achievements option from the Friends List and then changing the tab to Player Profile.
    • There is no option to display Multiplayer statistics in the Leader Boards feature.
    • When using "Compare Achievements" option from the Leader Boards, the comparison is made between the last viewed player and the selected player.
    • When using the Compare Achievements option from the leaderboards players list, the comparison is made between the selected player and the last player profile viewed.
    • Incorrect message received when trying to access the Skype in game feature while the Windows application is closed.
    • The "Statue of Revelation" found on the map does not reveal any area if used on minimap
    • The tunnel Dragon gate that takes the player to Shangri-la is not functional after the user captures the city
    • A stack affected by Puppet Master spell that is placed inside the Tower will suffer range penalties when attacking inside the fortification.
    • The Elemental Conflux found on the map is not textured.
    • After being defeated by the AI, the user receives the message that he must conquer a city in 7 days, instead of the Defeat screen
    • The secret entrance leading to the small bonus island at the right side of the map is not working.
    • The secret entrance leading to the small bonus island near the bottom left side of the map is not working.
    • The Abyssal Worm appears outside the combat area after the combat ends.
    • The bonus HP for Kenshis is not working.
    • Misleading information in the tooltips for the "Frozen Ground" ability.
    • The Victory Screen is not accurate to the actual time spent in the game.
    • [Steam version] Completed actions are not updated on the Launcher main window unless a logout/login is performed
    • The "Default video settings" option is not functional.
    • The rates don't change according to the marketplace's tooltip
    • After the convert cinematics of dwellings, the conversion audio of dwellings to Haven is played
    • The stacks placed in the Central Tower don't receive defense bonuses.
    • Directional keys remains stuck if are used when it is another's players turn
    • Unstoppable charge can be used only against the creatures that are on the same line with the Ravager.
    • After performing the Charge ability the Ravager makes a circular slide
    • A too small Chinese font is used in the "击败"(defeat) tab
    • [Pirates of the Savage Sea] No special characters are displayed when typing the name of the new playable character in any language.
    • Highlight remains on the spot the stack was, after sending it into the Siege Tower.
    • Stacks that have the teleport ability cannot teleport into the siege tower.
    • Incorrect texture appears while hovering the destroyed siege gate with the mouse using the Necromancy spell.
    • Creature stack cannot be attacked if overlapped with another stack
    • The dynasty bonuses are displayed in the hero tab in sessions that have "Dynasty Bonuses" disabled.
    • Favorite achievements tab persist in the last unlocked achievements tab
    • The " Cleansing " ability ( gained by equipping the Staff of Cleansing ) doesn't have any cooldown.
    • Inconsistency between the number of points registered for the Cleansing Staff in-game and in the dynasty vault
    • A quest item can be found on the map
    • The sound FX is distorted when modifying the movement of the AI, units and Hero.
    • Missing texture of terrain in the right side of the Weaponsmith.
    • A Hotseat session cannot be completed when a player is defeated on his turn in a game against another human player.
    • [Logitech G19 / G16 / G13] Debug output /placeholder characters for letters are displayed on the LCD screen
    • There is no delimitation for the area of control on Archipelago of the Ancients map
    • Duel rank is not the same from end of the match with actual leaderboard.
    • The language specific characters are not displayed and game does not seem to recognize localized keyboard layouts when attempting to configure shortkeys in the options menu.
    • [French opening cinematic]No synchronization between voives and subtitles
    • [HUN] the accentuated, long and capital letters appearing wrong in the first lines of the dialogues
    • [SPA] Inconsistency between the name of the "Death and Starvation" achievements on different localizations.
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