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  • Nexus: The Jupiter Incident 1.01 patch

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident 1.01 patch

Patch Írta Dastan 2014-04-11 11:48-kor, frissítve 2014-04-08 18:21-kor, megtekintve 7537 alkalommal
Egy régi, de még ma is játszott stratégiai játék egyetlen javítócsomagja. Letöltése ajánlott a nagy mennyiségű hibajavítása miatt.

A frissítés részletei:

  • Added version number indicator to the launcher menu.
  • Added a loading icon after the de-briefing screen, during the loading of the pre-rendered movie.
  • Added the description to the MOD documentation of how you can exit the MOD tools.
  • Added a README file (ReadMe.rtf) into the game's install directory and the start menu.
  • Added support for video cards without Hardware Transformation & Lighting.


  • Fixed a refresh rate setting problem that prevented the game to start properly on some video cards.
  • Fixed an issue in the Solar System Editor that caused a crash whenever you deleted an Asteroid Field.
  • Fixed an issue in the Solar System Editor that caused a crash whenever you deleted a Navigation Point.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the size of the stars to be created in the Solar System Editor.
  • Fixed problems with the playback of the pre-rendered movies that may have occurred on some machines.
  • Fixed different typing errors.
  • Fixed a problem with the Options Menu such that the Defaults button now works for the values of the Miscellaneous Section as well.
  • Fixed the Options Menu such that now you can select the maximum screen resolution on systems with small video card memory under Windows 98SE without problems.
  • Fixed an issue in the Starmap that caused a freeze whenever you pressed the Esc button while rotating the camera.
  • Fixed a problem related to deleting or overwriting autosaves.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting a save game from the save menu.
  • Fixed the device description of the Ionstream engine, Compact and Large on the Ship Configuration screen.
  • Fixed a problem on the Main Menu such that now clicking Esc doesn't cause the game to lag.
  • Fixed the Tooltip Level in the Options Menu so now it applies the changes immediately, and you don't have to restart the game.
  • Fixed a problem with the campaign names so now you can't create a campaign with a blank name.
  • Fixed a problem with saving games after selecting a different than the actual campaign in the load menu.
  • Fixed a bug related to changing the difficulty level when starting a new campaign.
  • Fixed a problem in mission "The Ronin". Failed objectives are now indicated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in mission "Shukenja Beta" such that Rudolf Veltman's dialogue will not repeat over and over after shooting and then scanning the Artificial Object.
  • Fixed a problem in mission "The Chase" that caused a failure even the player completed all primary objectives.
  • Fixed an issue in mission "Raptor Genocide" such that destroying the Raptor Colony and immediately jumping out, the Raptor Colony will be listed as destroyed, and the mission will be a success.
  • Fixed an issue with save games in mission "First Blood".
  • Fixed a problem in mission "The Mechanoid" so that now selecting the IP drive after the Mechanoid has attacked you will not cause the game to stop.
  • Fixed a problem in mission "Mechanoid Invasion" so that now you can save and load the game after the fortshield of the Vardrag Starportal was destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue in mission "Mechanoid Invasion". If you save the Serenity and send a  commando unit on board, and you choose the option "Pull it out" the game now will not crash.
  • Fixed the mission "Mechanoid Invasion" such that now the damaged IP drives of the Vardrag ships will be repaired after the mission, so they can move to the next scene.
  • Fixed the mission "The Fall of Vardrags" so now it displays the primary objectives in time.
  • Fixed an issue in mission "Blockade Breakers" that caused the game to crash when you send out a commando from one of your destroyers to the Balthasar, and you jump out with the destroyer before the commando returns.
  • Fixed a problem in mission "Bridgehead" that caused the game to crash when the player jumped out with a ship being attacked by the White Cruisers.
  • Fixed a problem in mission "Bridgehead" that caused losing of control after destroying the base before the appearance of the White Cruisers.
  • Fixed a problem in mission "Fight for Earth" such that now you can destroy the entering ships with your fleet close to the gates.
  • Fixed problems with the voice communication in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed a problem with the Multiplayer Ship Configuration so now you cannot add a default device to the Stock allowing the device to be used in the future.
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer Options so now you can leave your player name empty and the game will give you a default player name.
  • Fixed an issue on the Multiplayer Ship Configuration screen such that now equipping a ship with devices and then removing the ship from the fleet before jumping into a multiplayer game will not cause the equipped devices to be lost, but they will be returned to the Stock.
  • Fixed a crash bug that occurred after clicking the Quit button on the Lobby screen in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that caused all the asteroids initially grouped in the middle of the scene in the case of high pings. If the update is not installed on the server's machine, the bug will occur for all clients.
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that disabled the Jump In button in the Lobby after the jump in time elapsed, even if the player had no ships selected to jump in.
  • Fixed the Multiplayer Chat line editing such that it now functions properly.
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue that allowed a ship to be over-equipped with bomber squadrons when the ping was high.
  • Repositioned the asteroids in multiplayer map “The Final Battle” to prevent ships to warp inside asteroids.
  • Fixed a small mouse problem on the multiplayer server device setup screen.
  • Fixed the server description box in multiplayer such that you can now enter longer texts in it.
  • Fixed an issue with kicking players from the dedicated server.
  • Fixed an issue with banning players on the dedicated server.
  • Changed the format of the MOD documentation from DOC to RTF to allow users not having Microsoft® Word to view the file.
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