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  • Red Alert 2 1.006 patch

Red Alert 2 1.006 patch

Patch Írta Frag 2009-11-01 21:36-kor, frissítve 2010-06-21 00:42-kor, megtekintve 4528 alkalommal
A javítócsomag a Red Alert 2 legfrissebb patch-e, ami főleg játékmenetbeli és hálózati hibákat orvosol, és sok újítást is tartalmaz.

Patch változás lista angolul:


  • Chrono IFV no longer loses its target when selecting a target further than his firing range. Now it moves within attack range and fires without losing focus at any moment.
  • Modified official maps are not transferred over Internet games.
  • If a player disconnects 3 times in one game for durations more than 25 seconds each, the game will finish and be awarded to the non-disconnector at the 3rd time.
  • If walls or other buildings block the Soviet Barracks exit, no unit is built even if the user has a Cloning Vat. The cost is refunded to the player.
  • No other infantry units other than those with explosives can blow up buildings when joining to a Tanya command waypoint.


New Features:

  • NAT (Network Address Translation) and Firewall support (Notice: See Firewall & NAT Support later on this document)


  • In 4 player Internet games, Red Alert 2TM now behaves correctly and continues the match with the remaining players when the host loses connection.
  • The game now behaves correctly by continuing 4 player Internet games when the host gets disconnected from his ISP but is able to reconnect in time.
  • In-game chat, whenever the user types a message longer than a screen width the text is transmitted and displayed properly.


  • Red Alert 2TM now automatically supports firewalls and network address translating (NAT) while playing on Westwood Online.

Note: in this document the term "firewall" is used to refer to both firewall and "network address translation" products.

The following hardware/software was used in testing:


Linksys BEFSR11 / BEFSR14
Netgear RT311 / RT314
DLink DI-701 / DI-702
SonicWall Tele / Soho2


Windows 98 ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)
Sygate Home Networking 4.0
NAT32 Plus 1.4 (build 1-16-01)

Even if your firewall was not listed, it is likely that it will work with this patch. Many firewalls have the same behavior.

Automatic Firewall/NAT support

  • Red Alert 2 now automatically supports the above firewalls out of the box, with no need to configure esoteric settings on the firewalls, such as port forwarding, triggers, static mapping or any of the other complicated settings that might otherwise be needed.

Support is complete and transparent, including the following features:

  • Supports hosting or joining any game when behind a firewall.
  • Supports multiple players behind the same firewall; if you have more than one system on a home LAN sharing a cable modem, DSL or other connection you can now play against each other or against other players on the Internet.
  • Now when a game is launched on Westwood Online, you will see a "Connecting To Other Players" dialogue box. Here you will be able to see your connectivity to the other players in the game. If any player cannot establish a connection with another, the game will not launch. A message will appear explaining who is having difficulty connecting.
  • It is necessary on some firewalls to wait for packets to be received from other players before trying to connect. If your firewall has this behavior, you will need to enable "Send Delay" in the network options. From the main menu, select "Options" then "Network". Using this setting may cause connection problems with other players if used unnecessarily. Please refer to your firewall documentation to see how your firewall operates. (note: Netgear firewalls model numbers RT311 & RT314 were found to require this setting during our testing)

Manual Firewall/NAT support

  • In addition to the automatic firewall support features listed above, we have included an advanced setting for advanced users that can be used if all else fails. From the main menu, select "Options" then "Network". Under the "Internet Firewall Settings" section you'll see a "port number" option, which can be used to instruct Red Alert 2TMto always use the port specified here. You should use a port number between 1024 and 65535. Every computer that you want to play the game on should be given a different port number if they are all behind the same firewall.
  • To return to the automatic mode, remove the port number from the "port number" edit box.
  • If you specify a port for Red Alert 2TM to use then you will have to manually configure your firewall with static IP and port forwarding to route packets to the correct computer. Each firewalls configuration method is different so consult your firewalls documentation for instructions on how to do this. You will probably
  • have to assign a static IP to each computer connecting to the firewall otherwise the static forwarding rules may not work after restarting a computer or firewall.

Dual Network Cards in Windows 98

  • A Windows 98 client can only have one gateway at a time. This means that if you are running Red Alert 2 in a Windows 98 machine that has 2 or more network cards you will need to get sure that the traffic is going through the right one. The best way to do this is disabling all network cards except the one who gives you the connectivity to the Internet/LAN. Otherwise you can have connectivity problems when running Red Alert 2.


  • FinalAlert 2 beta is a mission editor for Red Alert 2. It can be downloaded from URL][/URL] free of charge. Westwood Studios and the original FinalAlert developer have been hard at work adding and improving functionality. Here are some of the items we've been working on.
  • Framework mode is now included.
  • Allows raising and lowering of tile placement heights.
  • Randomizes land tiles within the editor to improve open area aesthetics in the map.
  • Fixes bugs for raising/lowering terrain. FinalAlert 2™ used to create map holes that are very difficult to detect and fix. Framework mode helps with this a great deal also.
  • Includes an indication of current terrain height.
  • Includes an indication of current ore/gem count on map.
  • Includes Uninstall.
  • Increased time allowed on Westwood Online to transfer maps between players. Now up to 3 minutes.
  • Only allows FinalAlert 2 ™ map sharing in non-tourney games.
  • Allows sharing of map names.
  • Includes random tree placement tool.
  • Optimizes the FinalAlert 2 ™ map load times, especially when there are lots of custom maps in the game folder.
  • Red Alert 2 will not add starting spots to a FinalAlert 2 ™ map if it has 2 or more predefined starting spots.
  • Red Alert 2 now can now use maps created with FinalAlert 2 ™ in all game modes.
  • Allows map names to appear when using FinalAlert 2 ™ (User created) maps.
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