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The Settlers II 10th Anniversary patch 1 (9801)

Patch Írta Frag 2010-03-14 10:32-kor, frissítve 2011-08-14 12:13-kor, megtekintve 4405 alkalommal
A The Settlers II új változatának első javítása. A javítócsomag telepítése után a már meglévő beállítások és kampány mentések törlődnek.

Patch leírás angolul:


  • Two new multiplayer maps
    As a small bonus for our fans we have added two new maps that can be played in freeplay or multiplayer mode. They are "Crossroads" and "Keyhole".
  • Variable start positions
    Freeplay and multiplayer mode: Players' start positions (headquarters positions) are now shown on the map overview and can be freely assigned to players. Please note that double allocation of a start position (HQ) is not allowed and the match cannot be started if this is the case.
  • Save function in multiplayer mode
    All players can now save the current map state during multiplayer battles. When a player saves the game in Multiplayer, the save game file is saved on all computers participating in the current multiplayer game.
  • This multiplayer savegame can also be used to host new multiplayer games (see also below "Automatic transfer of self-created maps"). Under "Create Game", click the name of the map and select the multiplayer savegame from the list that appears.
  • If you want to continue a saved game with the same players, you do not need to download the map again as the map (save game) already exists on the clients.
  • If the savegame or editor level defined by the host does not yet exist on one or several clients, it is automatically downloaded. To allow clients (players) to download the current map, set the option "Allow downloads" to "Allow" in the multiplayer menu.
    You can also reallocate the start position of each player if you wish. You can also replace any human player with a computer opponent, or enable the option "Closed" to force the computer opponent to behave completely passively (inactive).
  • Automatic transfer of self-created maps
    If in multiplayer mode a game is hosted on a self-created map that does not yet exist on the client PCs, the map is now automatically transferred to the client PCs (this must be allowed by the host).
  • The download speed of the map transfer depends on the connection setting. Under "Settings", activate the tab "Settings", and then select a connection type under the player's name. The transfer speed is approx. eight to ten packets per second.  Via Modem the packet size is 512 bytes, via ISDN 1,024 bytes, via DSL 2048 bytes, and via LAN 4,096 bytes.
  • If a player cancels the transfer of the map, he is removed from the game.
  • The host can cancel map transfer to a client by setting the player slot of the client to "Open", "Closed" or "Computer".


  • The user interface and functionality of the multiplayer lobby have been enhanced and improved
  • Internet lobby: The error message "Internal Error" is now only displayed if a serious error occurs.
  • The autoscroll function in chat mode has been improved.
  • The gold coin supply via sea routes has been significantly improved.
  • The support of left-handed mouse devices has been improved.
  • If "Evacuate Soldiers" is enabled in a military building, soldiers will only leave the building if it is already displayed as manned.
  • Under certain conditions, sometimes no further goods could be stockpiled at a flag position although there was still enough space. This should no longer occur.
  • If the production in a building is stopped, resources required for the current product that have not yet been requested are no longer supplied.
  • Waterways can no longer be built over land.
  • The AI management of several outposts on a single island has been improved.
  • The AI no longer uses the complete stock of stone as ammunition for catapults.
  • Soldiers can now occupy buildings during combat and therefore "move up" during a battle.
  • As in the original Settlers II, military buildings can now only be attacked if your territory borders on that of the opponent.
  • End of the game: Now the credits appear after the text.
  • Dialog boxes: In the case of certain dialog boxes it is no longer possible to open additional windows (chat).
  • Saving: Before saving, the game now checks whether enough free space is available on the hard disk.
  • End of the game: The state of the check box next to "Autosave... " is now also saved when you quit "The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary", which means that you no longer have to select or clear it each time you play.
  • Crash fix: On low-end systems (graphics adapters without Vertex Shader 2.0) sometimes the system would crash when military buildings were upgraded. The cause of these crashes has been fixed.
  • Certain PostFX filters that caused problems with Nvidia adapters have been disabled.
  • Misc: Several other minor bug fixes.


  • The German map editor now also runs on PC systems on which a language other than German is installed as the default language.
  • Infrequent editor crashes when loading and saving maps: This bug has been fixed.
  • When using the "Mirror" tool, under certain conditions an "endless" progress bar was displayed. This bug has been fixed.
  • When using the "Paste" tool, sometimes the desired object was not placed on the map and the spot remained empty. This bug has been fixed.
  • The minimap is now displayed at the correct scale in the Minimap window (the edges of maps that are too large no longer project beyond the frame).
  • A new tool has been implemented, enabling the rotating of map sections in 60° steps.
  • When maps from the original "The Settlers II – Veni, Vidi, Vici " are imported, elevations are scaled slightly larger. This means that there are less construction sites and steeper mountains, as in the original "The Settlers II".


Problems may occur on some systems with certain configurations. To resolve these problems, you can edit one of the configuration files of the game. If this does not resolve the problem, restore the original configuration.

  • Cursor not visible (for example Radeon 9500 series)
    In this case you should disable the hardware cursor support.
    1. Start Microsoft ® Explorer.
    2. From the installation folder of the game, navigate to the subfolder \data\settings.
    (For example, if "The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary" is installed in "C:\Programs\S2c" you will the files in "C:\Programs\S2c\data\settings").
    3. Create a backup file of "engine.ini" (select the file in Windows Explorer, and then press "Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V")
    4. Open engine.ini with a text editor (for example Notepad.exe).
    5. Change the line "hardwareCursor = 1" to "hardwareCursor = 0"
  • Display remains black after the game starts, but the music and audio output of the Intro video can be heard:
    This may be caused by the selection of an incorrect refresh rate for your display. You will find the supported refresh rates in the manual of your display. Enter the desired value XX in the .ini file:
    1. Start Microsoft ® Explorer.
    2. From the installation folder of the game, navigate to the subfolder \data\settings.
    3. Create a backup file of "engine.ini" (select the file in Windows Explorer, and then press "Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V").
    4. Open engine.ini with a text editor (for example Notepad.exe).
    5. Change the line "refreshRate = 0" to "refreshRate = XX"
  • Random crashes on isolated PCs
    Apparently problems can occur on some computers with the mesh cache. In this case, "Settlers II" will run correctly if the S2 application data are deleted (cache). If you encounter random, unrepeatable crashes you can disable the mesh cache.
    1. Start Microsoft ® Explorer.
    2. From the installation folder of the game, navigate to the subfolder \data\settings.
    3. Create a backup file of "engine.ini" (select the file in Windows Explorer, and then press "Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + V").
    4. Open engine.ini with a text editor (for example Notepad.exe).
    5a) If the line "meshCache = 1" exists:
    Change the line "meshCache = 1" to "meshCache = 0"
    5b) If the line "meshCache = 1" does not exist:
    Add the line "meshCache = 0"
  • Intro crashes after the game starts
    The video player used does not run without issues on some systems. To avoid this problem, you can rename the "The Settlers II: 10th Anniversary" video files. The files are no longer played, but at least they no longer cause errors.
    1. Start Microsoft ® Explorer.
    2. From the installation folder of the game, navigate to the subfolder \data\settings.
    3. Rename all files with the extension "[filename].bik" to "[filename].bix"

Patch 9800:

  • 1. Campaign progress
    • Patching the game to 9800 caused campaign progress to be lost.
    • If you need to restore the Single Player campaign progress from the earlier version, follow these steps:
      • start Microsoft (R) Windows (tm) Explorer
      • go the Settlers folder. The default is “C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Funatics\The Settlers II ‑ 10th Anniversary”
      • Double-click on “settlers_2_10th_anniversary_9800_hotfix.exe”
    • “settlers_2_10th_anniversary_9800_hotfix.exe” restores the config file to the settings and campaign progress you had before installing patch 9800.
  • 2. Additional Fixes
    • The MP lobby password is no longer visible.
      NOTE: Forgot your password? Just open “My Documents\S2\users\default00.cfg”
    • Crash with saved user maps containing more than six player positions: Fixed.
    • Additional stability and usability improvements.


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